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  • 30 January 2019
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Dear Dante,

I’ve got one doozy of a problem that’s really cramping my style. Here’s my deal. I’m on a budget with a capital B. See, I’m a news junkie and I’ve got it bad. The kind of bad that kicks ya right in the pocketbook. I keep using more data than what’s included in my 5 GB plan. I’ve been purchasing Add 1GB when I need to, but that’s getting expensive. I don’t want to upgrade my plan and I want to always have high-speed data. I think I need to set limits, keep myself in check, ya know? Like how everybody’s monitoring their steps these days - I need the same thing for my plan so I’ll always have enough data for when really big news breaks.

Can you help? 


News Junkie


Dear News Junkie,

You are on the right path! Do not dismay because I can help you manage your high-speed data AND get your news fix. As a celebrity, I have seen famous friends fight the pull of addiction. They tell me that one key to success is having the right tool at the right time. I’m not a doctor (though I have played one on TV) and yet I have a prescription for you. It’s the myCricket App.* Download it from your app store and this simple solution will help you monitor and manage your data. If you’re near the end of your bill cycle and you’ve used most of your high-speed data, you’ll know to pull back, maybe getting your news from Twitter instead of streaming live TV. Plus, if you do decide to switch to one of our unlimited plans** you can do it right there on the myCricket App. You can also add features, pay your bill, refer your friends and so much more. That, News Junkie, is what we call “the scoop.” 

Yours Truly,


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*Voice, data, and messaging rates may apply when you use the myCricket App.

**Cricket may slow data speeds when the network is congested.  Video ltd. to SD.  Add’l usage, speed, & other restr’s apply.  See for details.

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