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  • 24 October 2018
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Dear Dante,

My mom is turning 60. What a milestone! I want to show her how much I love and miss her on her big birthday and that’s my problem. What can I get a woman who says she doesn’t want anything except to know that her children are happy, healthy and living a good life? I can’t take my kids to visit her, bake her a cake or cook her a special meal because she’s in Mexico and we live in Chicago. Dante, help! How can I show my mom that, even though I can’t be with her, she’s always in my heart?


Mama’s Boy


Dear Mama’s Boy,

I’m all grown up but I still know a thing or two about making Mama Dante happy! When it comes to letting her know I care, there’s no better way to do that than to stay in contact. So here’s my advice for you. Erase the distance between Mexico and Chicago with a Cricket phone and service for your mom. Because you’re a Cricket customer, you have the unique ability to Add A Line and send a Cricket Smartphone to your mom in Mexico so she and your family can talk and message just like you could if she lived next door. That’s right, with Cricket, your mom can use a Cricket phone in Mexico just like she can here.* Read the details and then get ready to make this your mom’s best birthday yet!

 *Req’s min. $55/mo. plan. Data speed, usage& other restr’s apply.  Coverage not avail. everywhere. Int’l data roaming may be reduced to 2G speeds.


- Dante

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