Engage and Win: Cricket Community Perks

  • 3 September 2019
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Some come to the Cricket forum to get help with their account issues. Others come to read the pros and cons for selecting a new cellphone. Well now you can earn points and prizes for doing those things and more by increasing your engagement within the Cricket community.

The more you engage, the more opportunities you have to earn points & win prizes. Moderators will be keeping an eye out for those that are being helpful to other community members and rewarding them for solutions that help others to fix their problems.


     You are the star of the show on the Cricket forum. Your insight, questions, and passion fuels participation throughout the community. Our revised ranking system reflects your star-studded journey towards stardom. Every new member starts off as a fan, eager to watch and find an answer to their pressing questions. Only through active participation in the forum can a member move up from a fan to direct contributor and finally the one of the brightest stars in the forum.

Climb higher in the rankings by:

  • Reading posts, blogs and other content in the community

  • Commenting on content other community members post

  • Tagging content to make it easier for others to find via search

  • Asking questions about Cricket products and services

  • Providing answers to other community member's questions

  • Having your answer selected as the accepted solution to a question

Rank Names

  • Walk of Fame

  • Superstar

  • Award Winning Star

  • A-List Star

  • Rising Star

  • Stuntman

  • Paparazzi

  • Extra

  • Fan



     Cricket’s Community Team has been hard at work the last several months to make some exciting new improvements to the Community. A change that you may have noticed is the new and improved look of the Cricket badges.  Badges are a form of appreciation for your participation in our community. While some are quickly earned as soon as you sign in, others are only earned if other members of the community appreciate your contributions and depending upon your level of participation in the forum.

You can see the badges you've earned on your profile page, by clicking on your avatar image on the top right of the page -> my profile.

When you earn a new badge, it is displayed on your profile and other places where your name appears. Badges are a quick way to convey your reputation to fellow Community members.

By earning points and reaching new badge levels, or as a winner of our periodic contests, you have the chance to receive cool Cricket swag, gift cards, and access to other unique Cricket event opportunities.

Below is a list of various current community badges and how to earn them:



Helping others on the Community and earning points can lead to some cool prizes like Cricket swag, gift cards, and other surprises!

We will leverage our company partnerships and resources to bring our community unique and fun prizes to keep you engaged and having fun.

2 replies

I have had nothing but great customer service from one of your stores in particular:Kudos  Cricket Wireless Store on Coburg Rd. Eugene Oregon!! Love the associates there!! They are always ready to help answer any questions I may have & always go the extra mile for their customers!! The associates working at this store are knowledgeable & know how to please their customers with great customer service skills. They are weekday makes your business great!! THANK YOU Cricket Wireless!! Good job on finding such great employees!! Keep up the good work! I'm very happy with my service and the prices are unbeatable! I plan on keeping this cell service for a long time. Thank you!! 

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It sounds like a great way to encourage members to participate and contribute to the community.

I'm particularly interested in the new ranking system and the various badges that can be earned. I think it's great that Cricket is recognizing and rewarding members for their contributions, and I hope that this will help to create an even more vibrant and engaged community.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what kind of prizes are offered to members who earn points and reach new badge levels. It sounds like Cricket is committed to providing their community members with unique and exciting opportunities, and I'm sure that this will be appreciated by many.

Overall, I think this is a great program that will benefit both Cricket and its community members. I encourage everyone to participate and contribute to the community in order to earn points, badges, and prizes.