Family Tech Support Needs Backup

  • 12 November 2018
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Dear Dante,

I love my family, for real I do. But I’m fed up with being their tech support! If I had a nickel for every time I helped my dad with Bluetooth pairing or got my brother out of a jam when he forgot his phone unlock password, I’d have enough to buy an iPhone XS with the cash in my pocket. Of course, I don’t charge them for my time (or my hair extensions that cover up what I pull out when they get really silly - like the time my dad paired his phone with my grandma’s Bluetooth speaker. Every time he got a call, my Grandma would yell from the porch, “Turn off your phone. I’m listening to Aretha!”).

Dante, how can I help my family help themselves with simple tech stuff? I’ve got to hit the books hard (I’m studying Astrophysics) and I’m so distracted. My family needs my help and their problems are important but it’s not like it’s rocket science. What should I do?

Ground Control


Dear Ground Control,

You are wise in unique and important ways. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you’ll be thinking about a friend you haven’t seen in a long time and that very day, he calls? That’s called synchronicity, and it’s just happened to you, my friend. Cricket recently launched a new Phone Support section on their site. I suggest that you check it out and then bookmark it on your family’s phones.

Consider Cricket’s Phone Support your gift from the galaxy! The next time your dad or brother needs help, show them how to access the step-by-step instructions – complete with pictures - right on their phones. I’m no rocket scientist (I’m more of a theater geek), but I appreciate the tutorials because they highlight exactly what I need to tap on my phone to make it behave the way I need it to. Ground Control, I do believe Cricket’s Phone Support will be a game changer for your family. And that means you’ll be able to get your head back where it belongs – in the clouds.

Yours truly,


- Dante

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2 replies

Dude I feel the same way sometimes! I don't think I'm quite as tied up a Ground Control but still, maybe I can relate to GC being a younger generation and it gets annoying. So, thank you Cricket for developing Support programs! It's a life saver for lots of us! (taking some liberty there in that assumption but I'm sure it's valid).

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