How many phones have you had?

How many phones have you had?

Hey Cricket Nation! We want to hear about all the phones you’ve had since you’re first device. Please share your memories with us and even share a picture of the model of your first phone! We even want to hear about the time you got your first phone and the experience you had with it. A few awesome commenters will get some Cricket swag sent their way!

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I’m not sure how many but this was my first one! I’m showing my age a little bit here. 


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don’t have a picture of my first phone, but I do remember my first smartphone was the HTC Evo, which was an Android phone. Awesome device that had a built in kick stand and a big screen for that time. :)


I don’t remember exactly what model the first phone was, but I remember that it was definitely push-button and with a black and white screen. I think it were about ten phones :)


Why can’t I get a temporary password code from cricket. This my first year!! I spent three hours on my phone today and more. Very ANGRY.  The two supervisors and two reps.  Had me go to settings read them what I had in the messages. Then check phone in settings.  They had me repeatedly do that.  They solved absolutely nothing.   I googled my problem. Apparently cricket has had this problem for the last two years this is 7/26/2022. After they had me waste my time. I immediately started getting texts in Spanish.  Then when on hold 45 minutes.  All the hold time messages were I. Spanish!!! I think tomorrow.  I will look for a different carrier. Hopefully one that employs peoples in Tge USA

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thank you for sharing

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I had 3 phones: a little white Samsung (can’t remember the model), an iPhone 5s and iPhone XR


Uhhh.... five I think. First was a weird little non smartphone back a long time ago, then a Galaxy SII, then an S5, then I've had two S7 edges cause one of them had a factory issue they needed to replace it for.


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I’ve had a lot of phones likeeee this brick one I had at first, a few very verrry old smart phones. Now I’m on an android and a tablet which I drew this image of the ugly tennis ball being shaved because he made me angry by how ugly he is.