Introducing "Dear Dante"

  • 27 September 2018
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Get ready for your close-up, Cricket Nation, because you’re about to have a brush with fame.Dante headshot 2.png

 Hollywood luminary and Cricket celebrity spokesperson, Dante, will be appearing right here on the Community Forum. It’s a little-known fact that when he’s not starring in a Hollywood blockbuster or Cricket commercial, Dante pursues his passion for helping people. So when Dante pitched an advice column where he’d help customers use Cricket’s products and services to better their lives, we knew just what to say. “Yes please!”

Look for the “Dear Dante” column on the Community Blog. That’s where Dante will answer questions and offer sage advice to those who want his help getting more from their Cricket service and more out of life.  

Would you like advice from Dante? Send a private message to DearDante. He’ll respond to selected messages on the Community Blog.  

To send a Private Message: Select Users in the search drop-down, type “DearDante,” and tap Send this user a private message.

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