Small Business Gets Big Boost from Simply Data & Cricket Turbo Hotspot

  • 15 April 2019
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Dear Dante,

You know that image of a wacky, wild-haired mad scientist? That’s pretty much my dad but he’s also a master baker whose experiments happen in the kitchen. His latest invention has real business potential.  It’s called a “Kombucha Cake” and it’s a great tasting ball of energy that powers athletes through to the finish line. Here’s where I need your help – Dad’s better at baking than business. His product’s becoming a hit at races but Dad can’t keep up. He’s using his smartphone to take orders, capture contacts, and post on social media. A tablet would be so much faster and when mom and I are helping him we want to use laptops so we need a hotspot with plenty of data.   

How can Cricket help my dad make his little business a big winner?


Kombucha Kid


Dear Kombucha Kid,

Boom! That’s the sound of your pop’s sweet little business exploding into the big time AND have I got an idea to help him succeed! Cricket just launched data-only rate plans called Simply Data. The 30GB, 10GB and 3GB Simply Data plans* are designed for people like your dad who are doing some serious work on a tablet, laptop, or Smartphone when they’re on the go. If you ever run out of data, you can always add more (add 2GB for $5 or 5GB for $10). It’s also great for streaming in HD** and, if you’re using the Cricket Turbo Hotspot, you can connect up to 15 devices.

I can hear you thinking that this sounds expensive but think again, because Simply Data is simply competitive.  Check out Cricket’s Simply Data rate plans and see how they can help give your dad the edge he needs.


- Dante

*No data access after monthly purchase is used.

**Stream in HD with Stream More turned off.

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3 replies




This is important to me, I don't have a business myself. Tariffs are important for me, as I often contact my clients through an outsourcing company that provides call center services, this is a very convenient way.


I'm new to the forum and saw your post from 3 years ago. Sounds like your dad has come up with a cool product and could use a boost to make his business a winner. I'm sure the Cricket Turbo Hotspot and Simply Data can help him out with that. The hotspot will give him the flexibility to take orders, capture contacts, and post on social media from anywhere and the data package from Simply Data will make sure he has plenty of bandwidth to do it all from his smartphone, tablet, and even laptop. Also, check out for more business info. Good luck to you and your dad, hope his Kombucha Cake becomes a big hit!