Tell Us About Your Favorite Concert & You Could Win Cricket Concert Cash to See a Live Show

  • 1 November 2019
  • 11 replies

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At Cricket, we strive to bring simple plans and dependable service to all of our 10+ million customers. We also look for additional ways to give customers reason to #SmileOn, whether it’s on this community forum or in the town that you live in. 

In that Cricket tradition, we want to give you the chance to bring those smiles to a concert to see your favorite artists in a Live Nation venue near you.

Cricket Wireless is giving out Eight (8) $50-dollar Cricket Concert Cash Gift Cards to forum members over the next month. How do you win a gift card? I'm glad you asked!

On this post, tell us about a great and fantastic time that you've had at a concert or live show. Who did you see? Where did you see them? What was the most memorable moment? Did you buy any cool merchandise? Tell us a cool and interesting story on this post and you could win the Cricket Concert Cash. The top eight comments with the most “kudos” will be selected as winner of the contest.

It takes just a few minutes to type a few sentences and tell us about one of your best times to be alive.

Let us help to pay the way into your next concert or live show!!!

11 replies

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My favorite concert memory was seeing 311 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta on Halloween night in 1999 (can't believe it was 20 years ago). I still have the poster from the concert. It was an awesome show!


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My favorite concert of all-time was when I saw Wyclef Jean at the University of Rochester when I was in college. He was only supposed to perform for an hour and a half, and ended up performing for FOUR hours!! It was AMAZING! He did his own songs, feature songs, and cover songs. He kept the audience engaged the entire time, and it was hands down the best time ever. He's an AMAZING performer/entertainer!! This was before the age of Social Media, so my friends & I weren't caught up in trying to capture the moment on our live or instastory- we just LIVED it. (Pic: Circa 1999/Rochester, NY)wj.png

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My favorite and most recent concert I've attended was the Future and Meek Mill Legendary Nights tour in Atlanta, GA. I enjoy it so much because a lot of my favorite Atlanta artists came out to perform. My favorite performances were 2Chainz, Lil Baby, and Future!! This is why I love my city so much and would love to win! In the words of Future... What A Time To Be Alive!! legendary nights.jpg


BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN December 15th 1978 winterland San Francisco Darkness on the Edge of Town tour -- best show I have ever gone to and probably will ever go to.


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My favorite concert was at the Hard Rock. I saw Cold Play and the vibes where so intense that the hairs on my harms were tingling the entire time there. Never though I would get such a reaction from Cold Play! Hands down the best show ever. 

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My Favorite Concert was the time i was barricade to see James Blake at Tabernacle!! El amor de mi vida :smileyvery-happy:❤ 




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Best Concert had to be my First, August 29, 1976. Venue, Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium Tickets, $8 advance. Doors Open, 3:00 Kiss came on Just after midnight, I was in 7th grade about to start high school... Never forget seeing my Dad sitting there with a set of Runway Grade airport Jet engine protection headphones on, waiting for Kiss to start. Then about 30 years Latter I got to take my daughter to her first Kiss concert at Lakewood. 


Thank-you Cricket; I am going to see them again... Sept 8 2020,

added lawn chairs and VIP (Parking and entrance.)

My favorite concert was when i traveled to Chicago to see Kanye West for his TLOP tour. That was my first time seeing him in Chicago, and his first performance after cancelling a bunch of tour dates due to personal issues. For that specific tour he really elevated his stage design, and seeing him perform at home was unreal!

My favorite concerts are Eric Church. I can't pick between the first time I saw him from way up in the sorta cheap seats .the concert that took me from liking EC to truly loving him and his music/message. The other option was seeing him from the floor seats once I knew he was my country music Jesus.20191129_083425.jpg


My favorite concert was( and continues to be) hands down Erykah Badu’s Birthday Bash in Dallas. You never know who is going to pull up, and each year it just gets better and better. In 2017 she made us all put our phones down and be present at that moment. It was amazing! 

My favorite concert has been fairly recent. I saw dvsn at House of Blues Dallas two years ago. What stands out to me is the fact the group was still really low-key at the time, which led to an intimate performance. But it also made me feel like I did my part to “discover” some really fantastic music before the masses did. It also gives me hope for the future of R&B. Even though HOB was standing room only, thats how I want to experience music like that: dancing close to my date while we sing every word to each song like no one else was there.