The Cricket Community Has A New and Improved Look!

  • 25 January 2021
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The Cricket Community Has A New and Improved Look!
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Cricket Wireless’s online community forum is back and ready to go! Have a question? Wanna help others? Just here to chat? The new community is here for all of the above and more!

Connecting with others

The Community is a great place to connect with others, ask questions, and help others. 

Need help? Post a question and let our community give you some useful information and solutions. Got answers? Earn points sharing what you know with our online community. If you want to know what’s going on around T-Mobile, the latest news on devices, or other important info, check out our Community Blog! You can chat about off-topic discussions in our  Cricket Nation section.

Join now

Set up a profile and tell us a bit about yourself. If need help, start a new discussion or join in on our latest message threads.

There are different badges and contests you can complete in

to level up your ranking. We’re here to build a solid community with folks that want to connect and grow strong online network users. Feel free to post and keep an eye out for fun threads and contests!


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Awesome! I am new to thecommunity and Cricket!