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Recently our towers were down, Cricket told us to call when they were up for a credit.  I called this morning to ask.  They told me the tower wasn’t ready yet, so I asked the lady on the phone should I just make my payment and wait for credit later and she said yes.  I told her I have automatic payment set up should I just let it process or go ahead and make it.  She said go ahead and make it, I asked her if it would still automatically come out and she said NO.  So I made the payment.  A few mins later the automatic payment came out as well.  I called Cricket because both payments are still pending and I was at my bank when I called.  The bank said all Cricket has to do is drop one of the payments and it won’t process.  Cricket told me they can’t and won’t refund the payment that it will just be a credit on my next months bill.  I explained to them that it was their fault because of the information I was given by their agent, and that I lived from paycheck to paycheck and have other bills to pay THIS month, not next month, and I need the money refunded immediately.  The refused!!!!  I will be switching carriers.  That was on them, they told me to make the payment and would not have a second one .  I need that money now!!  This month!!! I have electric and water to pay, and I am a single person .  They are super pathetic for their choice to deny when it hasn’t even processed yet.  Bad call Cricket!!!  My bank told me to come dispute it when the charge actually hits, and that that was poor customer service to do to your customers!  I can assure you several phones lines that will be going somewhere else.


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Hi @danagallen and thank you for posting on the Community Forum. We’re very sorry to hear this happened. We’d be happy to review your charges and refund your duplicate payment once we’ve confirmed that it has posted on our end. Please send us a private message and include the name on your account and your wireless number. We’re here to help!🤗

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Please provide me with the email or private message location to send the information•

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So get this. I sent the information in a private message with information asked for . No reply. So I call Cricket and tell them I need to know the next steps because Cricket Support said they would refund a payment! Well guess what .. same round of answers .. we aren’t giving you the money back… so I am now at my bank filing a dispute. I will be searching for another carrier for my 3 lines!