3 weeks trying to place my order and no one has a solution so far

  • 4 March 2020
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I am a current sprint customer. I want to bring my phone numbers to cricket to save some money, but i can not get the promotion of 2 iphones for $49 each (on the 60 month plan) because the system is incorrectly assuming that i already use the promotion. I have not use the promotion! 

I place and order for one iphone6 and one iphone7 online 3 weeks ago no problem. Within an hour of placing the order i canceled it because my daughter wanted an Iphone 7 instead of the iphone six as i have just ordered. So I cancel the order withing the hour of placing it. And I am unable to re do the order since. I have gone to the chat multiple times. I have called many times. Always explaining that i have not used the promo. I have not received anything. it is just the buffer of the system that needs to be cleared. but I get no help. Everyone i chat to with or call says the same. I cancel the porting or did something to fix it and you should tried again in an hour. But i try and still the same. I created a ticket to get this corrected, but cricket cancels it without fixing it. Is any one that can help. I email corporate. and i will continue until i get someone to help me. this is frustrating that no one can fix a simple issue so i can place my order. 

1 reply

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Wow! That sounds rough! I think there's a 2 iPhone per household limit, and since your order went through technically they're not letting you. Have you tried reaching out to Cricket Support on Facebook, or @Cricketsupport on Twitter? If you haven't, they are my go to help people. I trust them to give me great options!