Account Suspended after EBB Forms submitted

  • 13 June 2021
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Got a txt msg from cricket last night about the EBB program. Filled out the forms and then got a confirmation txt from cricket. Then On top of that, no more than an hour later they terminated our service, (Even though we were paid up and the bill wasn't do until 6/17)  They also changed our monthly plan and now says we owe them $95-- to reinstate our phones. Even though we are have paid and they shut us off a week early and won't credit or refund us the money for the week they are stealing from us.  Been on the phone on and off for over 8 hours today with no results, no help and being disconnected after sitting on hold from anywhere from an 30 minutes to an hour supposedly being transferred to a supervisor.... This is getting ridiculous with the stunts they are pulling with the billing. Like a few months ago double billing our card for two $95 payments for the month. Told us that they don't do refunds, that it would be credited, but come time for the next months bill they made us pay again. They never credited our account.. getting tired of getting ripped off!! Especially when money is so tight right now...

4 replies

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Hi @Jasekeyes 

We’re saddened to hear about your experience enrolling with the EBB program. Our support team would love to review your account, please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, your wireless number, and name on the account. Our support team will authenticate you and review the account to best assist you.

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  • same here… wtf???////////////////


Yep same here just paid my bill today but says I owe 65 dollars I want this fixed asap or my money back and gladly go somewhere else

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I am really upset signed up and then when I went to pay my payment it was more than what I was told been on phone with cricket since November 27 2021 and I had to pay a bridge payment and now my phone is going to get shut off because I can't not speak to anyone that speaks English and they keep transferring me