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Yes, I have been a customer with Cricket for many years. My phone was stolen August 2022 and I had to purchase another phone. I had wanted to keep the same telephone number but the man that stole my identity was accessing the Ion I purchased. I went back to the Cricket store and since I had no insurance, I had to basically get the cheapest Motorola phone possible. My number was changed to 662-782-6379. I had to get a Motorola pure G. I was told that I was eligible for an upgrade February, 2023. I wanted to get an IP hone but was told that since I was already a customer, I would have to pay full price. I have had some problems with this Motorola and I would love to upgrade but I cannot pay 499.99 for a telephone period. I am checking prices in the app for a Samsung and they are out of my price range. Also, the friend that referred me, did not get her $25 referral fee and I gave her full name and telephone number at the store. Her name is Teresa Perry and she just got a new phone and number yesterday. 662-782-6485.  I really would like to change phones and I will change my phone number if I have to but I prefer that my number stays the same.

​​​​​​PLease can someone help me with this problem. I desperately need a new cell phone and I had at one time put insurance on my account but for some reason the insurance coverage had been deleted.  Please advise me of this situation and what I need to do.



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Hi @Shewall63 May you Please Private Message us @CricketSupport for further assistance. 


you should never post personal phone numbers on public forums