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Why do new customers pay an activation fee in the stores?


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Most carriers charge some sort of activation fee. Store locations have more overhead and offer services such as transferring information, phone setup, troubleshooting, and showing you how to use your phone.

You can avoid the activation fee by going online.

no you can not . i just payed online and tried to get the reactivation fee waived by chating over the phone to an agent with no luck . thing i dont understand is I am not under any such contract that requires me to pay for next month . that is the very reason i chose cricket. but having to pay late fees implies that i an under contract and therefore am responsible for paying my bill on a certain day, other wise whats the benefit of month to month plan?

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Hey there. This thread is in reference to the fee charged when activating new service. You can view our other charges and fees via the link below. Also, we recommend changing your username to something other than your phone number to protect your personal information as this is a public forum.