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  • 4 April 2021
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I want to brag on an employee name Jonavieve. The other day my husband called to get my daughter’s phone turned off. She’s 12, you know how it is. Well instead of just suspending her service, he said the phone was lost. When I called to get it back on Jonavieve said she had to get a ticket and it would be up to 10 days. She did get it back on right then, but said it was still on a block list, and could be cut off again. I want super happy, but was fine with it. We got off the phone and she called back just a couple of minutes later. She said since her shift was over, she was able to stay and research it some more. She was able to get it off the block list, and she wanted to let me know we wouldn’t be having any more problems. She was super nice and helpful, and she stayed at work a few extra minutes to see what else she could do. What a great employee!! She’s a keeper!  (I have her employee number if you want it.) 

1 reply

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Thank you so much for providingthis information to us.  We will make sure to pass this along.