Are stores allowed to FORCE sell accessories, Insurance etc?

  • 21 February 2020
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I walked in Cricket wireless store aka Crown Wireless Corp, 3523 N Beltline Rd Irving 76062.  I was greeted as, "hey you want to pay bill?" I said no, I'd like to port in my line. She yells someone's name in the back to "come out and help this guy" wow - customers are not Sir, Gentleman, Mr. but a "guy".


This young man tries to pull a fast one on me - yea, phone is free if you select $60 plan and $25 activation fee and..... wait for it.... "your taxes would be $30" - I said, what! what rate tax you are charging me - he goes, oh thats your total, your phone, your first month bill, your protection. I said Protection plan is $7 right, how come it gets up to $30? Then this new manager girl who just had walked from behind jumped in and says, yeah yeah thats your total with phone, first month bill and taxes - I said, but I am porting in my line so phone is free... so she says, yea but then case cover etc all comes to $30 - I said no I decline - I don't want any - she says oh then you have to go online - thats online price in store this is the price - I said are you force selling me your accessories - she said yes.


Question: is it legal?


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Hello @newtocricket! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Unfortunately, stores are not supposed to force customers to purchase the $7 Cricket Protect insurance plan or any accessories. This is all additional features that can be purchased with consent of the customer. We do apologize for your recent experience.