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  • 18 September 2019
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I purchased a new phone 9/17/19 at the store in Duluth MN. It is now 9/18/19 and I'm getting a bill for not purchasing the phone I am now posting this with. How is this even possible to walk out of the store without paying for the phone. Mind you that I didn't bring a phone with I got it from the store. Payed for the activation, payed for the service plan but they didn't charge me for the phone. The manager of the store when I tried to explain the situation didn't even understand how I walked out with the phone and all other questions asked were answered with ok ok ok very disrespectful. I should have payed for the phone right then and there but didn't and now I'm getting a text notice saying they are going to shut my phone off 9/19/19 if I don't pay that. Wow is all I can say for the manager at the Duluth store for letting his other employees screw people and then be disrespectful to me for asking why should be fired for that. No customer appreciation at all. I'm really addressing the CEO or other upper management to do something about this I shouldn't have to try and drive 2 hours to fix this. This was their fault and I feel I shouldn't have to pay for the phone now,but I'm sure this will fall on deaf ears and get no response to this message. I have been with cricket for a day and already thinking about dropping them for a different company. I depend on this phone company to provide good customer relations and services, but like I said already having problems. The bigger problem is this is the service company I can get here that actually works. Hope that this gets to upper management and the CEO, but I doubt it and I'm sure that I won't be credited for the other close to 33 dollars that I will now have to cough up because of the stores mistake.

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@Cskager71 We'd like to assist in this matter with our Authorized Retailer location. Please contact our Support Team via PM/DM on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at for assistance.