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  • 5 March 2021
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Yesterday evening, I attempted to upgrade my phone. Upon entering my card number (FYI the number that is in the system for monthly renewal payments) it said there was an issue with the card processing. Knowing there were no issues with the account itself, I went through and re-typed information to make sure it was correct. Same error message. I did this again, thinking it was a problem with the hyphen in my name. Same message. I went to my bank account, since that did begin to worry me. All was fine, except for one issue - there were indeed THREE pending payments in my account that were apparently saying they weren’t processing. Well, you don’t have after hour customer service hours, so I had to wait until the next morning to call customer service. I waited 20 minutes on hold and finally spoke to an agent - after being on about 10 minutes, and getting no information, I had to get on a work call and asked to be called back at 10:15 am. I never received that call. I did call myself and was informed that due to my husband having ordered a phone and the fact that he had not activated it yet, that was apparently the issue why I could not order my phone. Seriously? They are separate phones but because they are in the same account I can’t order a phone. Also, my card is used to pay this account, yet I have to wait until someone else activates a phone until I can purchase a phone on my card? This is insane! I was also informed that Cricket could not cancel the pending payments that were still pending on my account (even though there was nothing in my cart on the website or did not receive an email saying there was a pending charge) and that I had to call and do that myself. So after spending a half hour on the phone with your company, and getting no where, I then had to spend an additional 10 min on the phone with my bank! Needless to say I am stunned at the lack of customer service and absurd policy surrounding this. Then, I go to order the phone once my husband has activated his, and the website is STILL giving me the same error. THE SAME ERROR TO THE CARD I USE EVERY SINGLE MONTH TO PAY THREE PHONES WITH YOUR COMPANY!!!! Needless to say, I am sitting her absolutely fuming. I have worked in sales and communications and I can only tell you this is one of the most disappointing and frustrating experiences I have ever had. The lack of information for customer service other than chats and phone numbers during limited hours is also frustrating. Your Facebook does not allow for public posts and that does not surprise me - my guess is that there are too many negative comments. I feel that if you have policies surrounding multiple phone purchases, you should make that more clear on your site. Your site is also not user friendly and just in a 20 min time frame had an issue where it was going in a loop trying to get me to sign up for a new line instead of completing the checkout process. You need to make some improvements for your customers - that is obvious - or people will begin to leave.  

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