Automated Emails About Changes to Your Account?

  • 29 July 2022
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I chatted with a Cricket tech this morning regarding automated emails about changes to my account.  On Cricket’s  website, under Account Settings>Manage Emails… It states:
To unsubscribe from promotional emails, select Save. Note: You will still receive automated emails about changes to your account.


As I told the tech, I do not receive automated emails when account changes are made.  I upgraded my data plan this morning.  If I access the Cricket website or Cricket app, I can see the change took effect.  However, I did not receive an email notifying me of the change.  As the website states, I should still receive automated emails about changes to my account.  I do not.


This needs to be addressed for, if nothing else, security concerns.  As I told the tech, if my account were compromised, and changes were made without my authorization, I need to receive emails so that these issues could be immediately addressed.  I only have a data plan and Hot Spot device through Cricket.  The hot spot is not always in use, nor is it always on.  Text messages to my hot spot may not be seen by me for several days.  Email notification SHOULD go out any time a change is made to my account or a charge is processed against my auto-pay credit card.  These are basic, common notifications that all other companies provide their customers, Cricket should be able to do so as well.


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Hi @richiepowell and welcome to the Community Forum! We’d like to make sure your email address is entered correctly in our system. Please send us a PM @CricketSupport and include the name on your account, your wireless number, and your email address.