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  • 17 October 2019
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On 10/09/2019 my phone got damaged so made a claim that same day to get my phone replaced. It arrived on 10/10/2019. I activated it the day I received it. After a few hours I attempted to make a call and send a text when my call was rerouted to cricket wireless. This it continuously happened for 4 days. On this day, 10/14/2019, I’ve had to have my phone line unsuspended 3 times before noon. During the several times I spoke to customer service, I explained to them the problem. At first, they said my service was suspended because I didn’t turn my damaged phone to the insurance company, so as a result they put my phone on the national block list. I called the insurance company serval times and they informed me that they don’t have the power to put numbers on the national block list, only the service provider can do that. They also informed me that, me not sending the damaged phone immediately is not necessary because they want me to have time to see if the device is faulty and to get my information off the phone. One of the managers started to get snappy with me by telling me this situation is my fault due to my negligence of turning the phone in immediately. I started getting the response from several representatives that my service was never disconnected. I had to explain to them several times how much sense that doesn’t make. I asked how much sense does it make for me to call them, a stranger far away, on my birthday and my son’s first birthday several times a day. No matter how dedicated a person is to their job, in no world in any reality, are they doing to do that. For six days I went through this loop. Spending hours a day with the reps just to make a simple phone call or send a text. One of the reps told me that I couldn't get compensation until the matter was resolved. They offered me $2 for each day my service was out. I spent a minimum of 20 hours on the phone over this course of time. Another one of the reps told me I won't be compensated at all and if I need it to have a replacement phone for the situation I was free to buy one. Every single rap has continuously ignored what I was saying no matter how many times another side said no that is not the problem.

One of the days I was on hold for an hour and a half. I lost $85 one day because I couldn’t make a phone call on time. 10/13 is my and my son’s birthday. We live far from my family, so I was depending on my phone to video chat. At one point I was trying to check on the wellbeing of my infant and I couldn’t. I honestly told one of the reps that it was starting to hurt my feelings personally because I couldn’t even check on the well being of my son. The whole time during that call I was in tears. I use my phone for work. Having to have my services reconnected every hour has slowed down my work production significantly. I am basically having to ask permission several times a day to use a serviced I already payed for due to an error that is not my fault and out of my control.

This situation has been horrible, ridiculous, inconvenient, time wasting, unnecessary and stressful for several people. I have never had an issue with Cricket until now.

3 replies

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Hello @Toddler-Life! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. 

We would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance. 

I did. October 14th, 2019 at 1 pm. I got a response from Cricket the same day at 1:31 pm saying they would look into it. 

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@Toddler-Life  Please message us on our Facebook or Twitter to better assist you.