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I just want to say here and everywhere that I can post. Cricket has horrible customer service. I’ve had my iPhone for a month, and I just got transferred to Arkansas with my job, my phone has no service here so I called you guys for help. Well that was a joke, no help at all, except to tell me that I could continue to pay my bill for 5 more months with no service and then they would release my phone, I mean really, who would be stupid enough to do that? I am only going to be here for a few months, and was going to switch back when I moved back. Anyway, we are going to be done with your no help at all company. This iPhone will make a good paper weight I guess. Thanks a lot.

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Joe I'm sorry to hear that you had issues with Cricket. All cell phone companies lock phone to their service when they are activated no matter who you go through Cricket is the only company that only locks it down for 6 months where all other cell phone companies lock them for a year before you can switch to another network. On behalf of Cricket I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

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thank you so much cricket for not having 24 hour support.  thank you so much for only having an address in california to address my concerns to.  thank you so much cricket for after 6 years of service, failing me so greatly.  thank you so much for my last month of service with you, although, i think you know i can find comparable service and probably even cheaper.  you have no idea what problems this one night has caused for me.  to show my bill as owing nothing, but still service is suspended.   I have no ability to contact family.  i have no ability to let anyone know she has passed.  i have no ability to contact her family.  i had to borrow a strangers phone, and as the number was unrecognized at 2am... no one answered.  thanks again.  i will enjoy our last 30 days together as i scope out new providers.   


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I just had a bad experience with dealing with cricket customer service. They are racist and profiled me based on my accent. I made two wrong payment for same service based on what I was told my customer service only to be charged on a cycle that ends in less than 5hrs and the one that starts right after. I requested that cancel the features and reset the payment to be deducted by the start if my billing cycle, only to be told that they are a prepaid company and they cant process refund. For real, even if you pay for same service twice? And one of the guy even said he cant provide me with his name and also made some comment that is not really acceptable to me. What a fraudulent service provide.
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@kaboo4sure We're really sorry to hear this. We would like to look into this further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) so we can assist you with this.

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Hey! :smileyvery-happy:

I've never had an experience like that. Everyone in store is so nice. They even showed me how to pay on the app and avoid having to put in $4 extra dollars.

On the Brightside, you paid your next months bill in advance! Sorry that happened to you...