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  • 20 May 2020
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about to weigh my options to see if there's better service provider that's not associated with criket or any of thier associated partners. I've been doing criket since 2007 the service is getting worse and automated seem like they lost interest in keeping customers happy, and the only way to show is to vote by putting my money in someone else's account. I hate to go but its seems like it's the only way. Bey criket

2 replies

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I think this will always depend on your area, you will never find a network that provides perfect service everywhere. Where I'm at the Cricket network is pretty awesome, the price is great, and I never had any issues with customer service because I never have to call, but I'm sure that's not the case everywhere. Good luck! 

The service has gotten horrific!  My calls are being dropped, phone goes straight to voice mail when people try to call me. I get call failed errors, it takes several seconds for calls I try to make to even start to ring and Cricket does nothing about it and doesn't care.