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  • 16 June 2018
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In June 12, I ported in a number from Sprint and ordered a sim and paid a month in advance for unlimited service. On June 13 i received an email saying my order had been SHIPPED and got a UPS next day air tracking number.

Of course, UPS has no shipment from Cricket and only says it has had a shipping label number for four days. Four days?

The Pacific Rim Cricket customer service is about as bad and inept as anything I have encountered in 20 years. So you have my money, You ported in my number. I have no sim and no service. UPS has no record of any shipment. Just freaking wonderful.

3 replies

Wait - it gets even better. UPS says it never got an order from Cricket that Cricket says it sent. UPS says was unable to locate a package associated with the tracking number Cricket provided.

Mysteriously, 8 days later, there is a sticker on my front door in Ky. of an attempted UPS delivery requiring a signature (for a sim card?). But with a different tracking number.

And also on my front porch is a Fed Ex envelope. I open it and inside are three Cricket sim cards and a letter on letterhead from Cricket HQ in Atlanta saying this was a "replacement." Great, I thought. we're finally making some progress given that I paid them on June 12. So when I go to the Cricket website today and try to activate the SIM and enter the order # - no service.

I then tried to activate it through Cricket chat. An unhelpful chap with the comfortably English sounding name of Harold, said he was unable to activate the Cricket sim that Cricket sent to me even though I provided the order #, the phone IMEI and the ICCD # for the sim and also pointed out Cricket having my money for 8 days.

What kind of an effed up company is this?

Where you able to activate? Did they resolve this issue? I am going through something similar. I am beyond frustrated. I just received my shipment after placing my order 2 weeks ago! 2 weeks! And I of course paid in advance too. Everything about these issues sounds so shady and unprofessional.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Please reach out to us on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) so we can take care of this for you.