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  • 3 July 2018
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How do I change what appears on my caller ID during a outgoing call

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With Cricket your outgoing caller ID will display "wireless caller". At this time we do not offer the option of customized caller ID.

I have called someone and they told me their caller ID now says wireless caller and my number. It used to say my name on my old carrier. How do I get it to display my name ? Thank you in advance

HI, I just spent a fun 45 minutes with a rep then a supervisor at what Cricket calls customer service. The best that Cricket can offer us is to put "Wireless Caller" in our outgoing Caller ID, even though they list Caller ID as a "feature" of the basic rate plan. Extremely poor service.

I wish my caller id showed as 'wireless caller'.  When i make outgoing calls, some guy's name appears on caller id, which is causing a lot of problems for me.  People I call don't answer their phone because they don't know anybody by the name that appears on caller id.  How do I kill this name from my caller id?  Or, do I need a new phone # assigned to me?

Bluebell61, this happened to me too.  How did you get rid of the name off of caller id?


Totally not solved, I had a site that wanted to use my phone number to verify my identity (can't remember which one, but it was a legit govt one, MVD or something) anyway, I have had my account & my number for like 12 years, yet when I entered it, it came up as my son's name. We have 4 lines, they use to all be set to have our own name display when we called someone. I'm not sure what happened in the database where we were supposed to switch to 'wireless caller' yet mine is my son's...