Camdenton MO store

  • 13 April 2021
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They hired an 18 year old still in school. And some girl name nicki. Nicki has been calling the boss every time this highschooler turned around. Snitching and lieing. Boss won't listen or watch cameras. Boss fired highschooler because she left in the middle of sale. SHE LEFT TO GET TO HIGHSCHOOL and had already stayed past her time and was going to be late. 

Boss won't listen to her about this other girl being ride to old people and not helping them with their phone and refuses to make a sale to poor people (her words). Or the cussing in the back room while she is on her phone and there is customer in the store. No she won't listen cause it's the kids being dramatic but she will listen to the little pot head that's always stoned off her ass and refusing to wait on customers or lies about being a cop. 

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