Century Blvd Cricket=CRIMINAL CONDUCT

  • 6 February 2021
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Assaulted and Falsely Imprisoned then threatened and slandered about my clothing  and mental disability for trying to refund my samsung within the 7 day grace period. That was after I specifically identified that FDN and call diverting were both pre installed and activated using his password.  The Punjab or Fijian man in his 20s scamming out of Pittsburg California on Century Blvd drives a Porche truck and I ride the public bus and he started exactly with those two comparisons as he threatened to "beat the crap out of me" and then called 911 ON ME.  Craziest thing is that he literally ran to block the door so I couldn't  exit and did so forcefully and assaulted me on my pushing passed him to exit the store. I am certain this is a normal type of act he has done prior because now less than a month later the local police told me to not go there to use another cricket but crickets lil policy doesnt allow this. Seems all to convenient  to NOT ALLOW the customer to exchange or  refund or get away from the scam hes abusing his position to carryout. He also blocked and rerouted any calls or message attempts I have placed this entire past 3 weeks totalling over 57 attempts. Then my service got cut off 6 days prematurely and cant ask why. This is No exageration or no game. It is identical to gang stalk/human trafficking criteria and a common technique of advanced-fraudster scam-artists groups.

1 reply

My name is Mark Torres and I am at 925 331 7885 please contact me or give me suggestions I have let 611 know and FTC and FCC also know. I also called 911 that day to cover my own ass just cus it all happened within 2 minutes. Help