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  • 3 February 2022
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Im about to file a class action lawsuit over Cricket if there isn’t one already. I’m suppose to have 3 lines, $30 each, then i receive EBB assistance, yet my account online shows that i have 1 line on the unlimited and more plan and the other 2 on the core plan. Which has my bill at $153. It was $108 after the EBB payment. I had to do bridge pay so i could have an extra week to get ahold of someone to fix it because im not paying for something that i did not sign up for. Well i tried contacting them and i either can’t get ahold of anyone, im disconnected, or im told there is an issue with the systems. I try changing it online and it says i already have that plan and features. Then i tried to get bridgepay extended and it said there was an error. My phone was shut off last night and ive been on the phone or online chat since 10 This morning. I was disconnected 3 times, on hold for over an hour before i got through to someone higher up and then was disconnected again. I finally got through on support chat and Now they are saying my bill is $173. and told me i could have had 7 more days if the account was not suspended ! They are saying i have to pay the $173 to have it changed which is what ive been told everytime before. Cricket is Month to Month, so why am i having to pay that amount before i can get it fixed? I know others have had the same issues, so would anyone be interested in filing one as well.

5 replies

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Hi There, we thank you for reaching out to us! We are sorry to hear of your experience with your account billing issue. Please reach out to us via Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at where we can assist you further.


I would definitely be on board. Bought a phone from them on their website and never received it. Called customer service a million times and never got resolved.I have all the conversations saved. Ended up just buying a new phone and never reembursed.


I was just about to post a Class Action conversation myself.


Definitely on board with pursuing.


Probably should chat


I would so be interested in a class action let’s go 

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Cricket is AT&T. They own senators and congressmen outright (and maybe a few judges). You think they’re worried about serving you or your little law suit that’ll go nowhere?