• 5 February 2022
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This  is Maria Quinteros [Removed personal information] Very upset  customer how Cricket is handing the problem from their  customer service.. I have been trying to explain and for someone pay attention to the problem we ate going thru a brand new phone we order for one of my line number [Removed personal information] an I phone was order thru Affirm on payments it was under his name Eusebio Quinteros  [Removed personal information]  thru affirm thru my account order was approved and shipped out to us. Apparently by UPS irresponsible the package was delivered to another Road down from where we live at. The package was delivered on Dec. 16,2021 when we got message of delivery text we went to the UPS dristbution center and that's when we're told it was delivered to wrong address so the customer representative told us it would take about 3 days for their driver to go back to see if he could retrieve the package that's when the last stated that we could go our self to the address it was delivered at we spoke to the person that live there and the man stated that UPS didn't dropp of a small package at his address. Right away we call UPS again to let them know that the package was left at their porch like driver stated. We were told a investigation was going to be open by them to see what actually happen to our package, but we weretold file a case with UPS.  To make things shorter the claim department has sent us an email that they have sent claims forms to the shipper which is Cricket that they are going to pay for lost phone but they need to return proper paperwork which was sent on  December 26 ,2021 till this day we have try calling customer service we get no corporation from customer service or even a manager. I am going to paste a message that we sent affirm regarding this matter too. On this day we spent several hours try to explain each time we call customer services. When none of the reps I asked to speak to manager to escalate the issue between Cricket and Ups they just kept passing the buck around transferring back and forth. I even spoke to mangers but they weren't cooperating with us Manager but us on hold never told us we were being transfer back to warranty and insurance claims again for the third time. We even gave them the UPS claim number but they didn't want to take the information at all we were even told to stop calling to tell UPS for them to call them. We even read several time the UPS email but they weren't even paying attention to us. So we call UPS and they told they are waiting to close claim and pay for lost phone but apparently Cricket is not cooperating with them either . This issue is going on 2 months already. I need for someone to email regarding this complaint as soon as possible. If you need emails from UPS and Affirm or proof of calls to 611 we can provide that information upon request. 

Thank you,

Maria Quinteros 


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Hi @quinteros59 !


We’re sorry to hear about that experience. Our support team would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, order number, wireless number, and name on the order for further assistance.