Cricket customer care

  • 9 June 2019
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Is it common practice at cricket to charge the customer for your mistakes and poor equipment. I switch my service less then a month ago had to call customer service as soon as I got home from the store. For the last 2 weeks I have been jumping thru every hoop you guys have given me, even took 2 days off work to try and get this resolved. The 2 choices I seem to be left with is either pay for a new sim card, that I have already for once and not received in working order, or I can send my phone in and be without a phone, that I paid for along with service that I'm not receiving, for at least 2 business days. Is this your version customer care? And where is this appreciation your site is boosting about, 20th birthday and we would like to thank you. I would of rather you kept your appreciation if this is what it looks like

1 reply

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@Akirby0228 We would like to look into this further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter(@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.