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  • 5 January 2023
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Had the DUMBEST thing happen today, I accidently let my account go without paying so I needed to reactivate it. I went to the cricket app on my phone and clicked the reactivate link, which brought up an inapp browser. That browser told me it wasn't supported and that I needed to use another browser. Annoying but okay. I go to brave and try to login to no avail, so I tried to reset my password. It will only let you reset through a text message, which I couldn't receive because of the suspended service. Very, very idiotic. So then I talk to an agent because their auto assistant is slower than my dead grandmother, and she tells me that if your account is needing reactivated you can't login your account at all.  What in the actual f cricket? You guys can't really be this stupid?  WHERE IS THE LOGIC? FIX YOURSELVES. If I keep having issues I will look into legal resolve because your company is a bunch of lies and bs.


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3 replies

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@BeardedSnorlaxx I’m sorry you had issues with your account. System SMS messages can still be received when the account is in suspended status. You can also login to your account when the account is suspended but not when it is canceled. I apologize for the confusion. 

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@BillyM_Cricket that is false, as my account was never cancelled, only suspended from missing my payment day by one full day and I could not log in whatsoever besides the phone app, where the reactivate link took me to an inapp browser that wouldn't work. The customer service rep told me that if the account is suspended you cannot login on any browser. 

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Hi @BeardedSnorlaxx we apologize for the misinformation you received. You are able to access your myCricket account when your line is suspended. We’d be happy to help you regain access to your account. Please send us a PM to @CricketSupport for assistance. Be sure to include the name on your account, your wireless number, and your myCricket account username.