Cricket Reported my phone lost or stolen

  • 18 January 2020
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I bought a brand new phone from cricket online store. From the first minute trying activate it they screwed it up, gave me two accounts, double charged me, etc. Thought they finally figured it out and was happy for 3-4 months with my BRAND NEW, PURCHASED FROM CRICKET phone. Then they say it has been reported lost or stolen. I'm the only one who has touched this phone since I got it from cricket. I've called support multiple times, their only solution is to go to the store, but I bought it online. I spoke with the warranty dept. and they said its not even reported stolen on their end. Cricket is blocking my service for absolutely no reason and i'm still paying the bill. Absolutely ridiculous. They are advising me to buy a new phone. If anyone buys me a  new phone its gonna be f**king CRICKET!


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6 replies

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Hello @djadler! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

Same thing has happened to us but with 4 lines. Have you gotten any help to resolve this? We are striking out with everyone. They are telling us to buy new devices.

Currently filing warranty with samsung. Cricket claims this is all on manufacturer, samsung claims its a service issue not a device issue. When I went to cricket store they cited the reason for it not working was the phone is obsolete (galaxy s9 just came out last year lol) so now im using an actually obsolete phone. Wish I had more, sorry to hear it happened on 4 lines- obviously a service problem not a manufacturer issue- will update when I  hear back from samsung.

I was just told by a cricket rep that they reported our phone as stolen and blocked it because we disputed an overcharge with the credit card company. We were overcharged by $275 when we bought the Samsung phone thru them because of a glitch in their system. We called immediately and they acknowledged it and said they would credit our account. We went thru numerous chats and calls and case numbers and kept getting the run around. We finally gave up and disputed the charge with our credit card company. Cricket never responded to the dispute via the credit card company so we were awarded the overcharge. Now they report the phones as stolen and said we need to pay the overcharge to reactivate our phones. Seriously?? It was a glitch in their system and they admitted it. Now we are stuck. We have filed a complaint with the FCC. Customer service has been horrendous since day one. Today was the first time someone gave us a real answer. Good luck to you.

I pay for 2 lines(just paid my bill), the best plan you can get. Phones were bought in store at cricket and service activated several months ago, and all of a sudden my husband's phone doesn't work and says that it has been reported lost or stolen. No. It has not. Have spent countless hours over the last 2 days trying to get this resolved through customer service, which is a joke. They have turned his phone back on 3 times and within 15 minutes of hanging up the phone, it says again that it has been reported lost or stolen. It is clear to me after reading this forum that this is being done by Cricket, on purpose to try and force customers to purchase new devices. Or possibly they are in bed with one of the 3rd party companies that offer to "unblock" your phone for a $40 fee. Either way, they are stealing people's money, and refusing to provide the services being paid for. Last time I checked theft was a crime. My livelihood depends on my cell phone. If they do this to me, I will lose my job, because I dont have the money right now to switch to a different carrier. I do have a retired judge and several family members that are attorneys though, and best believe I will be contacting them to see what legal action can be taken here, if anyone else would like to join me. In the meantime I will be reporting this to the BBB, and every other agency that I possibly can - AND IM NOT GOING TO SHUT UP-until something is done about it. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE

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Hi @acox1977! We are sorry to hear of your husband device issue and would be glad to take a closer look into this matter for you. May you send a Private Message to @CricketSupport for further assistance.