Cricket won't unlock my phone

  • 4 December 2021
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I just bought a new device directly from Apple and transferred my service from my other Cricket device.  I’ve been with Cricket since February 2015.  I brought my own device to Cricket each time I upgraded.  After this last transfer, I found out that Cricket has locked my device to Cricket, because I do not meet their criteria for unlocking.  The criteria are that you must have had service with Cricket for at least 6 months, you must not be committing fraud with the device and you needed to purchase the device from Cricket.  But, Cricket allows customers to bring their own device, it doesn’t say, but if you do, it will be locked to Crickets service forever.  I brought in an unlocked device that could be used on any network, I’ve had service with Cricket for almost 7 years (which I believe makes me a pretty loyal customer).  The first phone I brought to Cricket was not locked, now this second device is locked to Cricket and before I knew all of this I just activated a brand new unlocked iPhone 13 Pro Max on my account, that will now be locked to Cricket for life.  Now don’t get me wrong, Cricket has great service, great prices and so forth, but locking my phone to their service because I didn’t purchase it from them is just wrong in so many ways.

1 reply

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 🤣 Apple devices lock to what ever carrier sim you put in it after you purchase. Just reach out to them and let them know you purchased it from Apple. Their reps are suppper nice. I get all my services done on Facebook.