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  • 28 November 2020
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Exactly what I say!! I'm a 5 year customer and NOT once have I ever had a discount. I'm sorry but I want a new phone and looks like I will have to change my service in order to get the phone I want. CSR are rude and not helpful at all!! Come on cricket show some appreciation for your 5+ year's customers. If you are new to cricket wireless beware because you get ONE "free" phone and that's it. Nothing ever again and don't expect to be treated like a valued customer. LOL..

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Totally agree cricket care 0 for its loyal customers only wants to lure in new customers who will quit better yet we should all switch to straight talk for a month and then switch back and get the free phone every few years that way cricket will care about us.

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Most Cricket customers have dealt with this frustration. The model of business Cricket uses would be like the gas station you use charging a much higher price if you are a regular customer. This type of business model is a hook system. Cricket hopes to lure you into business with them by offering a crazy good deal and then hoping it is to much trouble to change services. It must work or Cricket would stop this practice. I would recommend to Cricket to treat all customers with the respect and appreciation they deserve and grow your business that way.

USER: Why is the lg stylo 6 0$ for new customers but 150$ for me?
USER: presence message

BOT: Thanks! I'll connect you to an agent. Just click the X at the top when you're finished.
BOT: We are experiencing higher than normal call and live chat volumes. To save time, please use our myCricket app, or website. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes."

AGENT (Daniel): presence message
AGENT (Daniel): Welcome to Cricket! My name is Daniel, am I chatting with **** ?

USER: Yes. Good day Daniel

AGENT (Daniel): Nice to meet you!
AGENT (Daniel): $$$$ , I understand you need some help with device price.

USER: Nice to meet you as well

AGENT (Daniel): I will certainly help you with the device price issue.
AGENT (Daniel): Can I please have your pin/account code in order to authenticate your account?

USER: Thank you. it is

AGENT (Daniel): Thank you for authenticating your account.
AGENT (Daniel): Let me brief you.

USER: Glad I remembered.
USER: Sure.😊

AGENT (Daniel): For the new customers who are ready to join us definitely we are providing them a good offer.

USER: Yes I saw that.

AGENT (Daniel): But for the existing customer also we are providing different type of benefits.

USER: Alright?
USER: Like?

AGENT (Daniel): Like for the existing customer we are providing with the benefit of group save discount wherein you will be getting the discount on the lines that you are having under the account.

USER: Right which you provide for new customers as well
USER: In addition to free phones

AGENT (Daniel): Apart from this like if you want to upgrade the phone that you are using right now we also have some offers for the existing customers like if you are going for Samsung Galaxy A01

USER: .i was look at the lg stylo 6

AGENT (Daniel): The original price of the handset is $109.99 but for current customer we are providing it at a price of $19.99
AGENT (Daniel): I truly understand your concern but we do not have offer for existing customer on this handset.
AGENT (Daniel): The offer vary on the handset to handset.
AGENT (Daniel): I am really sorry that right now I am not having the type of offer your were looking on your selected handset.

USER: So as an existing customer I have no incentive to keep my 5 lines with you.
USER: When i can switch to another carrier and get not just one new phone but 4?

AGENT (Daniel): ***, I truly understand your concern.

USER: You do?

AGENT (Daniel): I am really sorry for the inconvenience your are facing.

USER: Oh it is not an inconvenience for me. Switching is easy.

AGENT (Daniel): Upgrade Fees are typical of most wireless carriers. The Upgrade Fee helps cover our increased support costs associated with customers switching their devices.
AGENT (Daniel): Original Price of LG Stylo™️ 6 $229.99, but for the existing customer we are providing them at at price of $149.99

USER: It would be if I had not brought my phone in the first place. So its not a true upgrade. Yes 150 for me and 0 for new customers.

AGENT (Daniel): For a new customer its a one time offer with that you also have to pay for the rate plan charges as well.
AGENT (Daniel): Apart from that in case customer upgrades device before they gets eligible for upgrade pricing, customer have to pay the full retail price.

USER: Yes which im already paying. I was even willing to upgrade the plan for all of my lines. But I can see that won't be happening.
USER: Your company would rather loose my business

AGENT (Daniel): We truly appreciate you are logged in Cricket however you can also use any unlocked GSM device on our network that you purchase from a third party.

USER: Yes i am already using one. Which you would know if you were in fact looking at my account.

AGENT (Daniel): Yes, that's correct.

USER: I find it insulting that you would treat a current customer so badly
USER: Instead of keeping the customers you already have you will offer great deals to new customers and treat current ones as yesterdays garbage

AGENT (Daniel): I am sorry if you feel insulting, I was just trying save some of your amount from upgrading fee.

USER: No you were very clear on the upgrade I wanted. I can purchase the phone for 150. That is all.
USER: Unless i am a new customer

AGENT (Daniel): I truly understand the charges you are being charged and how you are feeling for the prices listed on the website, however you also get the option to get a free device at the time you ported into the Cricket.

USER: Your right . Far be it from me to have actually saved your company money when I first came.
USER: I mean how was I to know that I would be disregarded after I was no longer a new customer
USER: I guess a new company might treat me better
USER: They may value me as a customer.
USER: As I can see cricket does not.

AGENT (Daniel): We totally respect your feedback , however we would like to inform that the prices are according to the market that we are dealing with.

USER: Yes. New customer is free. Existing customer we already have your money so 150

AGENT (Daniel): I have already explained you the reason why we are charging the price for the device. If it is in my hands then definitely I would have done something for you.
AGENT (Daniel): You are our precious customer and we value our customer.

USER: So instead of offering the upgrade for a single phone and getting my continued business and an additional 35$ a month for the plan upgrade you would rather loose me as a customer.
USER: Seems like an unwise business decision.

AGENT (Daniel): If that would be possible then I would have done that instead of consuming your valuable time.

USER: That would imply that there is someone other than yourself that can.

AGENT (Daniel): ***, I am really sorry for the inconvenience you are facing but I told you the reason behind that and if it would be possible then I would have done it till now.
AGENT (Daniel): ***, do you have any other questions which I need to answer?


AGENT (Daniel): *** , let me quickly brief you on the concern that you had and what we did today.
AGENT (Daniel): You contacted us to the charges being charged for lg stylo 6 for an existing customer and as a resolution, we made the changes as follows: let you know why these charges are there for existing customer and not for new customer.
AGENT (Daniel): It was my goal to resolve all of your concerns, did I accomplish that today?
AGENT (Daniel): *** , it was great chatting with you, my name is Daniel and I want to thank you for being part of our Cricket family. Have a wonderful day!
AGENT (Daniel): presence message
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Thank you for commenting on our community forum! Every Cricket customer has the opportunity to take advantage of new customer offers at the time they join Cricket. After that we offer upgrade discounts, monthly rate plan discounts, and a refer-a-friend program that allows you to earn up to $250 in bill credit every year. For additional assistance, we recommend reaching out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport).