• 31 October 2020
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I've been with Cricket for 20 years. One thing I fail to see is any customer appreciation for those who have been customers for a while. As an example, you can buy a phone for .0 if you bring your number to Cricket but if you want to upgrade it's 149. I think that should totally be the other way around. I have paid thousands to Cricket over the years and the least they can do is give me a good phone at .0 cost to me. The excuse I always hear from them is that I still get the phone cheaper than if I bought it somewhere else. So? Big deal. Then offer that to a NEW customer and reward the customers you've had for a while. I think that sucks and I feel I am always getting the short end of the stick with this company. So, why do I stay? Because I can.

1 reply

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I'm sure they could work out bigger discounts on devices than what they currently do, but with the lower rate plans from prepaid companies, it is probably a tough business decision to give free devices to existing customers that are already with the company. Even postpaid companies that charge double of what prepaid companies do may not offer "free" phones after you already switched. Check out what other companies offer for existing customers, and you will see what I mean.