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  • 29 February 2020
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Anyone else hate how cricket will ONLY give you a new phone at a discount price if you bring them new customers!? So if I play salesman for them then I can buy a new phone for the same price they will give a new customer, but if I don't sale sale sale then they charge an arm and a leg for a new phone!! Thanks for the throttling of data and thank you for the HHUUUGGGEEEE loyalty perks you guys give to us existing customers (for now anyways)

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3 replies

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Hello @4253207753! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. 

We have some great deals on devices for our new and existing customers. That's something for everyone. Please know that current customer offers must be taken advantage of when offered and have expiration dates like new customer offers. See the link below to stay up to date on any current customer offers:

Cricket appreciates all of our customers which is why we offer upgrade discounts, monthly plan discounts, and a referral program that allows you to earn up to $250 per year in bill credits.

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Actually all wireless companies are that way. You can take a look on the websites of them all and it's just new customers that get those type of deals. As the reply from the moderator, you'd need to take advantage of the deals for current customers when they're available. Cause when the deals for current customers are available, they are pretty much better than the deals for new people, in regards of plan prices most of the times. 

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That's just how it is with every wireless company, even postpaid where you are paying more than double sometimes, they will give you free phones and great promotions when your new, but for existing, they only have certain promotions available from time to time. Honestly, I prefer to have a monthly plan that is competitive and just get the device myself.