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  • 16 February 2019
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Cricket needs to improve customer service by offering executive customer relations and/or online access to corporate executives.   The current customer service is a black and tackle structure to keep customers away from solving real issues.  The offshoring doesnt help customers make Cricket a better company.

Customer Service: The customer service number support (611) needs to be revised to support customers with better answers.   The offshoring of this support to the Philippines and Latin America doesn’t help customers.   The poor representatives on the phone have no access to proper resources to resolve customer issues.  

Executive Customer Relations:  There seems to be no executive customer relations or method to reach the corporate office with suggestions.   I'm totally surprised AT&T, a company known for excellent customer service allows this to occur.


8 replies

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Hello @acjrcas

Thank you for providing your feedback. We offer support via phone, chat, and social media. You can reach our social media teams on Facebook at or dm us on twitter at @Cricket support. 


Hey AT&T/Cricket Wireless, That's NOT a good reply! You just proved what the customer was complaining about! He is so correct! Your foreign speaking CSR's provide only "basic" answers and solutions to issues and inquiries.

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The support team is unable to answer my questions.  My next step is to file a formal complant with FCC to see how we can resolve.



AT&T can't (supposedly) help cricket customers and cricket removed their online chat service that allowed us to chat with an actual cricket rep instead of forcing us to talk to a bot or call the customer service hotline. That's discrimination against those of us who are deaf or mute. Im switching back to Sprint ASAP is they refuse to solve this issue. Then reporting in to FCC.
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The actual Cricket reps can solve issues using the channels posted above, including this forum. Ask them a question and they will work with you to provide an answer. 

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This may be your experience, but not my experience. You lack a technical support department and. It’s od the representatives don’t even know what e-sim means. I reference the Apple IPhone CS and XS Max and they tell us to call Apple.

I was told on the last call to insert two SIM cards to activate two numbers in the same phone. Apple suggest you should be able to provide a SIM card that’s called a dual sim, normally used overseas. There are multiple ways to activate two numbers on the same phone. The preferred method is e-sim on iPhone XS.

Why are you selling this phone but not working to allow two numbers in the same phone? The reason to buy this phone is to have two numbers on the same phone.

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Its hard to expect customer service reps to know technical information about each phone in their portfolio. Its probably why they referred you to the manufacturer for further instructions. I found this page on Apple's care website that may help you out:

Apparently you can set up a phone with two numbers under different profiles within the phone. You would need to have two plans to use that capability within the Iphone. 

Hope that helps. 

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Thank you. I understand I must add another line to support the second number. The carriers have the ability to do this, what’s the stores support haven’t provided the proper Sim card to activate both lines in the same phone

Please advise how we move forward with activating two numbers on the same phone