Customer service: is there a human being I can talk to?

  • 21 March 2019
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On Tuesday evening, March 12, I ordered a phone upgrade for my wife's phone.  After concluding the payment and getting the receipt, Cricket confirmed that the phone would be shipped the next day and would arrive on March 14.  My credit card provider notified me that my charge had been posted.  On Wednesday I never received a tracking number but waited patiently.  On the day of promised delivery, I still had no tracking information, so I went to the Cricket site to the "Track my order" page, where it said my order was still being processed.  I waited.  The next moring I got an email saying my order had been "delayed", yet the tracking page had not changed, that my order was still being processed.  I then began the horrific process of trying to contact someone who could look up my order and give me some explanation of why there was a delay.  Instead, I was blocked by a "chat" service that did not understand a single question I asked and only offered off-topic answers.  When I clicked to chat with a "live agent" I was diverted right back to the bot again.... every time.  When I tried to call the 800 number I sat on hold so long I gave up.  That has happened three times at different times of day.  I went to the Facebook page, and so far have made three posts and sent five direct messages and only received one response: the responder said he would send me a verification code to verify who I was but he never did.  I have sent two more messages since then with no response at all.  All I want to know is why my order is delayed and if they just ran out of phones or something and just need a few days longer.  What bothers me is the total lack of information, and the fact that I cannot seem to have a conversation with a human really concerns me.  What happens if we have an urgent situation, like a phone is broken or stolen and we can't get hold of anyone?  This kind of customer service is not acceptable.  Why can't I at least get an explanation?  If they don't have the phone we want maybe we can choose another one, but right now we are seriously considering biting the bullet and changing carriers.  I don't want to do that because its a hassle, but if Cricket is so unprofessional they cannot tell a long-time customer (of both Cricket and AT&T) what the delay is about, then all that shows is that they don't give a crap about our business.  I've already done all the available ways your communities tell us to try to contact you, and none have accomplished anything.  So, can anyone offer me a means to speak to a human who will actually pick up their phone and talk to me?  I'll even accept a chat, but I only want a real person, not the stupid bot.

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