I’m having a problem with my data. It is going so slow. Any reason why?? I can’t even load a page on browser and my videos are buffering. I need this fixed please.

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@9567465348cc  Another reply from them said they were aware of an issue some people were having with data. Also, if that is your phone number in your username I would change it. 


How would I change it? I try and go to find something but won’t let me me change user. Any suggestions?
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@9567465348cc I think you can do this by tapping on your profile icon and clicking on my profile. You should be able to adjust and update the information and user names. Also I think there is an option to update the avatar and tag names.

I'm having the same problem right now! And my data never goes this slow! So what did they do to fix yours?
I'm also having this issue....and there's no signal bar issues....I've done nothing different and have super slow speed if at all.
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@Jeanieva I know some post have said that they are doing some updates to their towers. Looks like they are expanding and making their service faster. I know my device keeps jumping back and forth in it's service.