Do I just have to accept being screwed over?

  • 24 July 2018
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A little background story, my mother and I were on a joint plan when I was younger and still living with her. We decided to split up and went a cricket store to get that done. The rep there messed up and switched our phone numbers (did not realize this until we started getting texts meant for the other person). We went back to the cricket store and were told we werent able to change it. 

Now I've had an account under my mothers name for the past 3 years.

My current issue is:

I have insurance through Asurion and trying to replace my broken s8. They are now requiring me to send in a copy of my mom's drivers license in order to approve my claim. Ok, thats inconvenient since she lives out of state. I get the copy of the driver's license, send it in, then Asurion tells me they wont accept it because its expired. My mom has an unpaid $1500 ticket from 2013 she absolutely cant afford to pay, so she cant replace her ID. She doesnt even drive anymore. Asurion is telling me the only way I can utilize the insurance I've been paying for every month for the last 3 years is by switching me over as account holder... Cricket is telling me they cant do that, period. A different Cricket rep told me they could but I would lose my phone number. Wouldnt that also void my insurance plan, since the phone was broken under "my mom's" insurance plan name and not my own? Am I just out of luck on a $800 phone?? No one is giving me help and im completely frustrated. I cannot afford to replace my phone at full cost. What can I do?

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Hello there, Cricket here! Thank you for visiting and posting on the forum. We'd be happy to assist you in this matter. Please PM us via our National Facebook or Twitter page @ or @cricketsupport. Be sure to include your wireless number and 4-digit account pin.