• 4 June 2021
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tried to switch my lifeline EBB account to cricket today, actually I started this process yesterday. Let me just skip the whole 5 hours of disconnects, phone shuffling me to one rep to another. Was discounted for the last time today because when I hit redial, they were closed. Now I tried logging into my lifeline account and it's no longer an active account. Oh and no EBB either. They charged me 55.00$ today and the only thing they did was create another cricket account which apparently I'm praying full price for. 

I need this taken seriously.

A total of 9 phone calls from yesterday and today. 

someone in corporate should probably listen to those calls.

So I'm out 55.00$ on a emergency assistance program, and have no access to my assurance FREE lifeline program. I can't even get a supervisor on the phone to even acknowledge the problem.

where should I take this very valid complaint?  


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Thank you for reaching out to us @monarenese.  To better assist you please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

1st go to your State’s Utilities Commission and file a complaint.  Then go to the FCC at the federal government site and file complaint there too.  Cricket is claiming they offer the federal benefit, but you cannot get the application completed in order to obtain the $50 per month assistance.  They are DELIBERATELY blocking users from getting this.  I’ve tried just like you have and get no where.  I can’t even log into my account.  Been on phone for hours, passed from one person to another, even told to go to the Federal site and make changes on my application which I cannot do, AND I WOULD BE FALSIFYING INFORMATION if I was able to do what they are telling me to do.  Oh!  And the reply you got from Facebook above??!!  I got same answer and NO RESULT, NO CONTACT, TO FOLLOWUP ---  N-O-T-H-I-N-G! 

Did you get the issue solved? They did the same thing to us last night. On top of that, our bill wasn't do untill 6/17. But last night the terminated our service, changed our monthly plan and now says we owe them $95-- to reinstate our phones. Even though we are have paid and they shut us off a week early and won't credit or refund us the money for the week they are stealing from us.  Been on the phone on and off for over 8 hours today with no results, no help and being disconnected after sitting on hold from anywhere from an 30 minutes to an hour supposedly being transferred to a supervisor.... 


I was approved for the eb program but when I look on my cricket app it still shows my next due amount as $68


I'm going through the same thing they did it to me this month by telling me the EBB program that I was enrolled in was canceled but the new program I'm already found out that the national verifier that I am still activated in a good standing with that so Cricket had decided to change that when I paid my bill on the 3rd they didn't give me my $30 credit trying to tell me that the national verifier was the one that did not send it in


Am I not getting the emergency broadcast on my account this month