EBB ? getting service cut off amd there lack of social skills with there phone reps.

  • 5 January 2022
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So here I sit on a hotspot writing this.. I have The EBB and it's active it even shows that I'm enrolled in it on my account but yet I'm told I have to pay 65$.  Bc there's. 5$ activation fee.  Like am idiot I payed for bridge pay on day 1 that I lost my service bc I figured they would have figured it out by now. But I've been on the phone with with there phone reps about a dozen times and I went to the store had them call and there even asshats to there own team members so F them and I hope there kittin dies in there arms while watching yet another video of long dong Johnson and his Texas tunnel and I also hope the crack dealer is out of dope when they need there fix.   Only ppl I know that rip others off are druggies.  So I hope the drip the soap when that day comes.  And ya I feel ripped off bc I held up my end the BBE program held up there end but this lame asshat company witch is owned by AT&T dropped the ball every time.    It's always when I can't afford to throw extra money around.  Like why is Everytime I'm behind on bills some shit like this happens.    I hope they hang themselves naked but bf the put the rope around there neck they rub baby oil all over there bodies.   

1 reply

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Hi there! We are sorry to hear about your recent experience. Our Cricket Wireless Support team is available to assist you on Facebook (m.me/cricketwireless) or Twitter (@cricketsupport) to provide assistance with your issues.