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  • 4 August 2018
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I tried to register my account with my main email. It didn't work for some reason anyways i tried adding that email to my account and it kept saying that email was already used for another account. I need to know how to combine these 2 accounts

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5 replies

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Hello, We would be glad to help with this.  Are you just trying to register online?  If so you can click the forgot password and go from there. 

im trying to sync my email that i origanally regestered up with to thisd account

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Unfortunately once an account is registered with a specific email it cannot be changed. 

Complain to the NY AG. For some reason Cricket is preventing members from logging into our accounts. I chatted and called 5 times today. Last one said they'd call me. Of course this is going to cricket so I'm sure it's a dead end
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