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  • 14 December 2018
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I have been using Cricket for almost 5 yrs and overall have been very happy with the coverage and service.  I do not understand why as a loyal customer I do not get the same prices on Phones as a new customer.  Is Cricket encouraging me to get a number from a different carrier and than port it in to get these prices???  Help me out here guys.  Your marketing genius can do better than this.  I am currently looking to upgrade my wife's phone.

Fred Whitaker

7 replies

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@Fred_W We appreciate your loyalty and we apologize for any frustrations. Cricket appreciates all of our customers which is why we offer upgrade discounts, monthly plan discounts, and a referral program that allows you to earn up to $250 per year in bill credits.
While some offers are available exclusively for new customers we do have discounts for existing customers including $200 off the 6s or 6s+.

I have been a customer of crickets sense their onset I don't understand why a new phone is $700 and I have to pay $700 for my upgrade plus 25 more dollars very dissatisfied being a cockroach over 10 years I should have a phone I should have to pay $700 for it
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So what your telling me is with regards to the Apple 6s that you mention for $200 that my reward for being a loyal customer for over 5 yrs. that the 6s is $200 for me, the loyal customer and the same phone for a stranger, someone that has never had a  relationship with you gets to pay $100.  

Try that rationale with your parents or your kids when you are trying to sell your car.  Would you charge your parents or kids more than a complete stranger???

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@Fred_W @mike21061 we offer many perks for our existing customers. We also offer a trade up program that allows us to provide credit for your current device and it can be used for a new device. We also offer up to $250.00 a year for our existing customers with the refer-a-friend a friend program. Here is a link to our trade up program and refer-a-friend for more details:



@Grod_Cricket Trading in a phone to use as credit toward a new phone is still paying full price. You've only sold something and used the money like anything else you can sell (sell it on ebay, you'll get more than cricket will give you for it). How is that rewarding anyone for staying with you as provider? The fact that moderators (company representatives) believe this addresses the issue in any way is why im switching providers to literally anyone else.
So you will give credit for US playing salesman for you and bringing you money and turn around and give the money WE bring you a discount for there first phone but bend US current customers over and charge more for the phones!!? Please if your gonna give some bull**** generic reply save it I don't need to hear the song and dance!
So with that generic answer I got...... Go play salesman for cricket and bring them new customers that they can give a discount price to ooorrrr pay more then the new customer since you didn't sell any service to your friends and family for cricket!