Feeble Minded "Planning"

  • 1 February 2022
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Whoever established the Group plan and the Phone Upgrade plan should have gotten together to lay some realistic groundwork.  What you end up with is a lot of unhappy customers who will probably go somewhere else as soon as it is convenient and bad mouth you in the meantime. I know I have.  I used to think highly of Cricket but now that I have seen the soft underbelly of their stupidity, I have come to think that Cricket is being led by a bunch of inept fools. If they think, for one minute, that their way of handling this issue is going to be forgotten or not impact their bottom line they are grossly mistaken.  How can you upgrade only 3 phones on a group plan that services 5?  Pretty stupid, heh?  If they had the decency to let it be known upfront at least you could forment a plan to deal with the constraint.  Instead you are met with a sarcasting message “Sorry about that” after telling you they can only send 3 phone to an address.  I guess they never heard that families can all live at the same address.  To suggest that I drive 20 miles to exchange a phone that should be doable online is absurd.

1 reply

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Hi @liquarles 

Thank you for your feedback. We will make sure that this feedback is passed along to our team so that it can be taken into consideration for the future.