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they  stole  from  me  to  on Octobe1,2020 i  payed  my  phone  bill  september 29, 2020  they  went  into   my  account t o  and  took  53 dollars  from me  my  bank  seen   and  refunding  my   money   but do you  know  cricket   cut  off  my  phone  after  that  and   would  not  cut  my  phone back  on after  they  charge  me  double   on  october  1 2020  they  are need  to  be  sued .

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Thank you for all your help! Finally it works.  cellinfo

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Thanks for the information!!!

I told customer service that my father's WiFi calling function wouldn't work, even though I had changed my phone.My mother's number enabled WiFi calling on my father's number.I discussed with customer service whether it would be easier to give me credit directly for the next payment, so I could go to Walmart or Target and buy a new SIM card, Three customer service staff just hung up on me。Is this a waste of my time?Because I have to repeat the situation every time.