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  • 29 May 2023
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My number was ported out by scammers and fraudsters from my original provider “Hello Mobile” and opened a fraudulent account with Cricket. Now when i call Hello Mobile, they are telling me that Cricket does not want to release the number back and close my account, So i reach out to Cricket and i notified them that this account is fraud and scammed, they respond to me, to go to my original provider.

I feel like a ball being thrown around from one court to another. 

Should Cricket know that they are having a scammed account that was created by scammers on my name with my number.


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Hi @avrumy212 

I’m sorry to hear about that experience. Your original carrier should be escalating this to Cricket directly and providing proof of ownership, as that would be needed to get the process started. Rest assured that Cricket will work with any carrier that is attempting to recover a number that was stolen.