• 23 June 2022
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Hi in December I upgraded my phone to icon2 what a big mistake that was. About a month or two I had to send my phone back because I was having many problems with it. Now my problem has turned in to a  disaster to the point I can't even open and play a game.Please help when I try to open an app it closes right away. When I try to open my cricket app it also closes. A box keeps popping up saying cricket is trying to stop and close app. This started happening when my phone installed new software update. I can't even play a game. It's obvious this phone ICON2 ISNT working and no matter what in settings a cricket representative tells me to do it isn't working. I have had many problems with cricket and I say to the Representatives that I'm going to change providers. Cricket doesn't try to keep there customers they say right away ok want us to cut your service off now? I can't do anything on my phone if you can help great, This time I really think I'm going to have to go with did different company. I have been with cricket for 11 years that's a long time and for cricket not try to keep there customers is a shame. I guess they make so much money they don't need customers that's been with them for 11 years. My screen name is my name is Robin

2 replies

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Hi Robin! The Icon 3’s allure is the price, but it isn’t the phone for you if you’re a gamer who needs RAM. The thing I love about Cricket phones is you get 2 years of warranty instead of 1 but girl! Threatening the people you need help from that you’re going to leave is NOT going to help them care about your issue. Be kind explain what you need, work with them. 
but really and truly look at your other phone options.


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