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Why can't I use a hotspot on my phone?

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To use hotspot you need a compatible phone, compatible plan, and the hotspot feature on your account. Currently the two unlimited plans are the only plans you can add hotspot to but if you have a grandfathered smart, pro, or advanced plan it can be added to those too. Here's more info on hotspot:

This is absolute crap. Cricket is just another money grubbing phone company. Why should I have to pay extra for hot spot when I own a phone which is capable. I am going to cancel my service and do my best to get others to do so to. I pay a great deal for this service already. If consumers continue to tolerate this crap they will keep doing it to you. Cricket is just another Verizon or Sprint in the making. Cancel
Hotspot has never been a free feature. Just because your phone has the capability doesn't mean that you can activate it at will. Every single cell phone company charges for this feature whether it's a separate charge or included in their plans. Quit crying over spilled milk.

This is absolute **bleep**. Data is data, it should not matter if it is being sent to a second device. It costs you literally zero extra. Also paying 60 a month for unlimited data should include unlimited tethering, paying an extra $10 for a limited amount is adding insult to injury. This is a disgraceful business practice, and you are just asking for people to root their phones to bypass your ridiculous restrictions on device functionality.

Because you don't have a brand new phone and your not a new customer. We only give good things to those people. Cricet does not value ongoing customers who won't spend full price to get our new promotons and phones. Your old phone could definitely get the service but you are in the ONGOING customer category. You aren't worth giving new stuff to. Here's what you need to do: terminate service with us. Port your number out. Restart service us and port your number in. Cricket will give you a shiny new phone for nothing and it will be eligible for Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, since you are in that worthless ongoing customer category cricket considers you no better than trash.
I totally agree because when I went to begin my service at Cricket they told me I had hotspot that it was grandfathered in and it is on the website grandfathered in the Samsung Halo so I bought two of them I did not need to use it right away but in the back of my mind I knew the service was available. Now that I need to use it for my job I am told they canceled the grandfather plan. I am not trash in fact I probably make more money then the people answering these posts. My problem is I am willing to pay whatever it cost for my tethering however was lied to about the grandfather plan. The website still lies about the plan because as of 5 minutes ago it still states that my phone is grandfathered in. It is wrong to provide false advertising to those of us who trust our cricket Representatives at the store. I am not a cell phone professional so I put my trust in people who are supposed to be. At this point I just got off chat with somebody called Scott K and he told me that phones are being added day by day to the hotspot tethering but then gave me a list of two phones that are eligible. That was a lie because the phones were being added day-by-day there would be plenty of phones on that list. So my question is why are we denied the use of the hotspot tethering feature if we are willing to pay whatever cost it is to have it? Clearly it is available on my phone and I am not cheap and willing to pay the price and can't afford the price however cricket has decided to block the Samsung Halo and still advertise it as being grandfathered in. Please explain a couple of things number one when are you going to remove that from the website? That is false advertising. And are you really adding phone's day-by-day to the list of eligible phones for Hotspot and tethering. Thank you for your answer in advance.
I totally agree because I believe Cricket is false advertising. I have the Samsung Halo and it is stated on the website that is grandfathered in for Hotspot and tethering. When I went to the Cricket store and spoke to a representative to begin my Cricket service they guaranteed me that I would be able to have hotspot and tethering. I was just on chat with Scott K on the cricket website and he told me that the grandfather plan has been discontinued and that they are adding new phones day by day but only told me about a couple of eligible phones. So my question is number 1 yr you false advertising and when are So my question is number 1 when are you going to remove the grandfather plan from the website because that is false advertising. And the next question is if what the representative just told me if they are adding phone's day-by-day then when is the Samsung Halo going to be available for Hotspot and tethering? I am willing to pay whatever price I need to pay for this service. I am not cheap but I have a problem when I trust a sales representative to tell me the truth about my plan. I have no problem paying extra money for this service I probably make more money then the people answering these questions however I would like to know why the grandfather plan is still stated on the website and why it was discontinued? I will not be called trash because you would be surprised at my profession but I would like some straight answers as to why you continue to advertise a service that is available to a certain phone and it is not. Surely there is a person in charge of working the website and if I were that person supervisor I would require things to change on the website to be honest. I will wait for the answers to these questions. Because it's not about money it's about why this service has been blocked from the Samsung Halo when it was grandfathered and then apparently according to the chat expert Scott they are going to be adding it again please enlighten me
I have two brand new phones that we're supposed to be grandfathered in according to the website and I am willing to pay extra for my plan whatever that may be. But as I stated before I can do a screenshot the website states that the Samsung Halo is grandfathered in which is false advertising and as I stated the chat experts are telling us that they are continuing to add phones every day but then he can only give me a couple of phones that have been added so did this just start yesterday. All I want to know is why hotspot and tethering is so difficult to get when someone is willing to pay the price to have it and the phone is already obviously set up for it. Why would Cricket be blocking that?
Nothing is grandfathered in it's all false advertising
I have an IPhone 6s Plus
If my hotspot is turned on but no devices are connected to it,
Am I still using the hotspot data?
I own a Samsung S9+ and I have unlimited plan. The hotspot is build in, is working great with my tablet, yet the cricket suspended my line for using ur. I went and tried to ad the hotspot , but I was told my phone does not qualify. What the heck is that?????? Why is not qualified when 8s working very well???? I have 4 lines. One of the lines has a cheap phone that qualifies to use hotspot. So I paid her that line in the hopes I could use it . Unfortunately, I could not use the hotspot from that cheap phone. So now what???? Shotld I just ho with another carrier?????

i am having the exact same problem,none of the 5 phones i have qualify for hotspot i even told them im willing to pay the $10 bucks , so...screw you cricket i am going somewhere else

i am having the exact same problem,none of the 5 phones i have qualify for hotspot i even told them im willing to pay the $10 bucks , so..screw you cricket i am going somewhere else