How do I deactivate my phone or account?

  • 6 September 2018
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My idiot brother sat on my phone and busted it to the point where the screen doesn't even respond, so I can't unlock it nor even call anyone...making customer support nonviable atm. I need a new phone ASAP because I have several job apps I just put in today, and they all have my dead phone's number on them.


How the hell do I cancel my account, and how soon could I transfer its number to a new device?

3 replies

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Hi, thank you for contacting Cricket! Once you transfer the number to another carrier the account cancels. If you cancel the account you wont be able to port over the number. We also have some devices that maybe in your price range. Keep in mind that you can upgrade every 90 days for a discount price on certain devices. Below I provided a link to our online website.

Literally none of those phones are viable for me to purchase at the moment because of that 25$ upgrade fee, and that it won't let me transfer my current number (that I need) to the new device...hence the job apps.

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The new device as long as the sim has the same number it should work. If you are porting the number out to another carrier the account needs to be active to do that.