I have not recieved my phone order that I was promised would arrive within 2 business days.

  • 25 June 2020
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I ordered a new phone 5 days ago under the understanding that I would receive it within 2 business days. I dropped the phone that I have and busted the screen up so badly that it cuts my fingers when I try and use it. I work at a local hospital and go in at 4am in the morning so the parking lot at that time is still dark and is secluded. I like to have my phone out and ready in case I need to call for help. Unfortunately my new phone has never arrived. It is now 5 days later and still no phone. The money was taken out of my bank account for the phone but the phone was never shipped. I got an e-mail saying it had been shipped and received a tracking number but when I track it on UPS the message says that they are awaiting the package and I will receive more tracking information once they do. I have spoken with customer service several times via online chat and phone. At first I was told that UPS must have lost the phone. I explained to the customer service rep. that UPS said they did not receive the package, but the rep. insisted that UPS had the package. After much discussion the rep. finally put me on hold and then came back on the line and told me that it appeared that UPS had never received the package. Never once apologizing for the fact that he had insisted that I was wrong when I stated the exact same thing! He had made me feel quite insulted like I was telling him a lie and that their was absolutely no way I could possibly have a tracking number until UPS scanned in the package as received. Which I know from personal experience that is not the case. A tracking number is provided as soon as the shipping label is purchased. So after telling me that UPS had not received the package he said that he would open up a case for me. Which I appreciate very much because I had been trying for quite awhile just to convince customer service that UPS did not have the package via online chat and telephone. You can imagine how frustrated I am by this point because not only have I been insulted, but I now know that my chance of getting a phone anytime soon is getting slim. Well I do have a case number now at least, but today is now 5 days from purchase day and the money taken from my account and still no phone. I has been 2 days since the case was opened today being the 3rd day and when I call yesterday I am told that nothing has been done about my case. Was a case even opened? So as of yesterday I don't have a whole lot of money ( the $200.00 I paid for a new phone was an unplanned expense) and now I don't have the money or a phone that can be safely used. I borrowed money to purchase another phone from a local cricket store so I would not have to face that dark secluded parking lot again without a phone again. I purchased a phone I did not want because the phone I wanted was not in stock which is the reason I did not go to the store and buy one the first time. So now I am short over $400.00 and still don't have the phone I wanted! Can someone please help me get this resolved? And now that I have the phone I purchased yesterday if I do ever received the phone I originally purchased what am I supposed to do with it? I was told by customer service that they were not authorized to give refunds and could not let me speak to someone who was. What kind of mess is this? Does Cricket wireless not care at all about customer satisfaction anymore? This is so frustrating and it is not the first time I have had issues lately with customer service. While helping my Grandfather purchase a new phone because he just recently moved in with me, he ended up paying for 2 phones and only getting 1. He had not changed his address on his debit card so the first phone was going to be shipped to his old address which is almost a 4 hours drive. We noticed the mistake right away and contacted  customer service and asked to cancel the order.  After we changed the address on the card we repurchased the phone again. Later on in the evening my grandfather received an email that the original order had been shipped. I contacted customer service again via chat and received assurance that the order had not been shipped because it was cancelled and that I should not worry because the problem was just that it took about 5 days for the cancellation to show. So I showed him the message ( I screen shot the text) and told him not to worry that customer service had taken care of it and it had not been shipped. And yet, the next day he gets a call from the people that bought his old house saying that a package had arrived for him. He asked them if they would kindly drop it off back at UPS and say he did not live there any longer. He was unable to go pick it up because a 4 hour drive was more than he could handle so soon after the move.  Well I have no way of knowing if they dropped it off or not but I do know he never received a refund for it. And the responsibility lies with Cricket wireless not him. Cricket representatives told us several time that they had cancelled the order and to ignore the email saying the phone had been shipped because it definitely had not been shipped. So he ended up paying for 1 phone 2 times. He has never received a refund and this has been about 4 months ago. He finally just told me not to worry about it and he would just take it as an expensive lesson to not order anything from Cricket online again. Oh if only I had learned the same lesson! Because here I am going through a not identical situation but very similar in terms of customer service being nonexistent. Can someone please advice me on what to do? How can I get a resolution to this situation? I am getting nowhere with the customer service number.


5 replies

I can truly understand your situation. I placed order last Thursday and it was supposed to arrive on Monday. It did not arrive and at the same time UPS Tracking was not updated. When I contacted Customer service on chat they assured me twice that it will be delivered today. However it is not. It was very clear in UPS side they never updated the scan but when I enquired with Cricket Customer Service they kept assuring the parcel will be delivered today but it was never delivered. That means they do not even know how to track a shipment at UPS site. 


Those delivery problems are the problem, especially during this period and especially when you need your order to be shipped at a certain time. I am facing those problems right now. I have ordered a toy from a website specialized in that, and my order is not even confirmed yet, yet the money is gone. It’s good that I have a China post tracking and can follow where my package is and pretend to them to give me my money back because it’s not even shipped yet. That’s a wonderful website, it will help you a lot of times, believe me.

Ordered mine on Sunday. I haven't received an email or anything to track it. It feels like a big scam. Mine too was a 1 day delivery. And I don't want to wait that long.

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Hello above, I am just wondering whether your case was solved in the end. I have the similar issue now. My order was placed on Jan 3rd. 20 days later I still didn’t receive the phone. I created a case report on Jan 10th. I called customer service today, they told me the case was not read yet. I am so angry and frustrating. It wasted at least more than 30 hours to talked to customer service and deal with it. I am so disappointing about the cricket service.

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Ordered mine on Sunday. I haven't received an email or anything to track it. It feels like a big scam. Mine too was a 1 day delivery. And I don't want to wait that long.

Same here. Ordered my phone on Feb 18th. Still nothing. Every time I look up my order number it says Processing!!! Sounds like a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT waiting to happen.